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xmas code gift

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  • xmas code gift

    if there is wartune gift code why we get for ******* LoA, Kingdom rift or another games if dont play??? r2 game sux everytime,

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    MemoryLane said this:
    Originally posted by MemoryLane View Post
    The Christmas event gives a random game code. You can only redeem the ones for the game you play (it tells you which game it's for), the rest, you can share with your friends, or send a pm to someone from that game through the forum to share it with them- they might return the favor when they find a code for the game you play.
    Did you redeem the wrong code...?
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      No he/She means even play wartune it can give other game code what is useless and trick make play other R2 games just that you could use game code.


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        how to get that code? for wt
        not the old one
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          yea i got many wrong code 0 for wartune, sux r2 everytime and forever


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            I got a code for wartune my first time. Not a bad little gift pack. So how many places are there that give out codes? I have found two, one you have to be a member.


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              so here's where you go for the code..... so its possible to claim it more than once per char?

              Feel free to share codes if you dont want it
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                looking for monkey king code pm me i got wt codes


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                  I have a shadowbound code if anyone interested.