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  • Enjoyment Error

    As of late, I seem to be suffering a lack of enjoyment with my R2 product that I paid for. It seems that handing over some hard earned cash is not enough to make my game enjoyable because of the following issues:

    - Nonsensical events: Complete a legendary set within 24 hours?
    - Unprofessional Customer Service: A Customer Satisfaction survey before one can file a ticket? Is the intent to goad the client into breaking the terms of service? Imagine if your bank required you to fill out the same when you call for fraud on your account!
    - Inability to receive in-game rewards without compensation: (*cough cough sylph arenas, team arenas.....)
    - Various known and yet to be known bugs, flaws, planned or unplanned service blackouts and oversights.

    I expect these various issues to be resolved some time in the future. Probably never. It would be nice though
    IGN: TreeTopper
    Server: whatever the merged Kabam S15/25 is called. I forgot.
    Guild: ESKReborn
    Class: None (Ok..Ok.. Archer)
    Battle Rating: 550547 Currently Retired from Wartune

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    You forgot to mention the problems with VIP renewal ^^


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      Why did you not include the severe lag issues making pvp near impossible