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Jewel Hunt Mount

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  • Jewel Hunt Mount

    How many people save the jewel hunt shards for the mount? Is it really worth it for a 7 day mount? IMO, I would think the resource pack would be more valuable than a 7 day mount. Unless you cash on the jewel hunt, it would take a while to get that mount. It has been forever since I have hit 700 points, even buying 10 more attempts would not be enough. So that is 1 shard a day, 2 if you get lucky. So a minimum of 35 days if you don't cash.

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    it's more about getting it one time (selecting a good time to activate it), because while the int/str/end/def boost is temporary, the max-level increase (aka "whips level") is permanent.
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      I would have to agree. Mounts that are temporary can sometimes be a good boost if you are trying to train a stat higher in mounts, or can sometimes be the difference in levels with an event like the hall of fame. You could be a few thousand short of the mark and that 7 day mount, woosh! It could easily push you over. End of the day though, its always personal preference for each and every player.
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        it's for the extra whips level, the mount give +10 levels. many high players maxed or are close to maxing stables, with these temporary mounts they can still increase stables a bit further.

        synth it once, so you get extra levels, thats all.


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          synth it once to get the extra levels then never make it again, the chance at mahra and sepel is much more worth it for 1/7 of the cost of the mount