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Hepl Archer lv 38-40

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  • Hepl Archer lv 38-40

    helps archer lv 38-40 (Skill + Astrals) thank all

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    Best option is to choose te first and second skill ...all the pasives ,and Lunatic fire of course..but probably you couldn't add more then 1 point to it..
    Character LadySanta lv:40 Archer Guild master :GodLike
    Server:S19-Desert of Curses


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      Originally posted by LadySanta View Post
      Lunatic fire of course..
      Why choosing this skill? O.O"
      it was a bad aoe though.

      For build:
      Go for pdef,patk and hp/mdef astral unless your academy level is high then you may skip either of them and went straight to hp astral.
      I'm a full pvp build and i got my arrow strike and multi-shot max,as it does a very good damage against my opponents in ga(group arena) and bg(battle ground) while i'm having my full pvp set which gain rage whenever i enter a battle and best thing ever know,ignore enemy defense by 1k-1.5k(level 45 set).
      I got blood thirsty(well,our only healing skill) which works well in bg especially when you just kill a guy and with 5000hp left and you can heal using this skill works really well.

      As i said,i'm full pvp build(my own build) works really well. And i'm maxing all single target skill and no special skill as it was a waste though...

      Other player always had their own build,so they're recommend for you. ^^) I'm an advanced type so i made my own build and test it on several server to see the dps on bg against casher knight with 3k pdef and mdef.

      Intro:I'm a totally free to play user and i'm proud to said that a non-casher had no chances on betting me in bg,ga,arean. Because i'm far more than a casher...^^) i work hard for my efforts.


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        try this works well 4 me Click image for larger version

Name:	Untitled.png
Views:	1
Size:	218.8 KB
ID:	1661974 then wen u hit lvl 40 try pdef/patk/mdef/crit ast


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          Originally posted by kasper666 View Post
          try this works well 4 me [ATTACH=CONFIG]26559[/ATTACH] then wen u hit lvl 40 try pdef/patk/mdef/crit ast
          How to passed the labyrinth of floors 60


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            Originally posted by R2384945 View Post
            Why choosing this skill? O.O"
            it was a bad aoe though.
            its not that bad but i admit high rage and low damage but you'll be needing it against mage they're easy to kill without their troop.