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Coin of Ancestry

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  • Coin of Ancestry

    Finally got some coins of ancestry, 2 from bought chests, AND NOW YOU FOOKING ARSEHOLES CHANGED THE REWARDS????????? ARE YOU FOOKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!
    YOU CAN TAKE YOUR FOOKING S.HT GAME AND SHOVE IT WHERE THE FOOKING SUN DONT SHINE!!!!!!!! so regred ever spending a dime on these greedy fooking amateurs!!!!!!

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    I kind of like the new rewards better. I would rather have the mount over the wings. I was kind of thinking about the sepelcrum but oh well.


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      Sadly, they did have a timer on those rewards, and as such there is nothing I can do to bring them back. I also sadly, do not know if there will be an exchange "C" or not. I understand your frustration, but I only hope you will be able to claim a nice reward whenever you decide to use them.
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        Rembo's issue is that anyone who was playing last christmas got the reindeer mount for free, so it's a non-reward if they do not change it again.
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          Nothing about this month has been normal.

          The rewards were bound to change. Why have a timer on a single event item if they were just gonna keep the same rewards?

          This month has been all over the place with it's events, packs, and rewards. I am glad no publisher tried to keep up and predict or publish what their boss told them, would be disastrous.
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            Originally posted by R252856585 View Post
            Rembo's issue is that anyone who was playing last christmas got the reindeer mount for free, so it's a non-reward if they do not change it again.
            I was playing last christmas but didn`t get the reindeer for free or at all.
            Although I was still a Noob back then (had started in Nov.) and wasn`t really playing that seriously.
            I did however take the old reindeer mount today, was hoping to exchange for the sep but.........Oh well :/