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Best server to join?

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  • Best server to join?

    hello I been trying wartune for a while now. I seen not be able find a helpful or friendly server.and talkative it borning when no one talks.i like to marry on wartune but I chould never pay for it. but right now I just want to know the best server to be in.

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    um play a new server for 3 days u find out pretty quick which ones are duds u just have to get lucky and find a nice small core of ppl who are interesting to u and what not

    when i played s9 and 58 i managed to quit them after 3 months or so then i left for a long time played on s410 and ive been stuck here for a year now its all about finding the right ppl to keep things interesting enough for u

    MysterA uhhh 1.3 mil br
    Slyph orange Hecate 136k br