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Atoll Boss Woes...

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  • Atoll Boss Woes...

    Seriously.. Who's bright idea was it to spawn an Atoll boss with 582.000.000 HP - in the wee hours of the morning - when most players are asleep?

    Last time I went after it, I found one person who was willing to suffer through it. It took us 8 HOURS to kill the boss. That's a full day's work... WAY too long to spend on ONE event... We finally killed it just in time to do World Boss...

    Finally, some people came on and decided to join in - on the last bar. Sorry.. But this is insane. The prizes aren't worth 8 HOURS worth of schlepping up to the boss, hitting on it a few times and having to repeat over and over again.

    I don't know how it is on other servers, but Atoll Boss just isn't that popular on mine. Maybe you can adjust the algorithm that decides the AB's HP to make it a bit less insane in the wee hours?

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    Adjust Atoll boss HP same as WB HP.

    The longer it takes to kill it.
    The lower it's HP should become. .
    but it should have a minimum. .


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      We started doing the atoll boss in the team of 4 in the middle of the night (2-3 a.m.).
      We just delt a bit over 50% of the damage (it took us around an hour and a half) and left our characters online in the atoll still in the party. In the morning, I had the reward for being first.


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        AB is less and less popular between people who find the reward not worthy, the time neede to kill it, the fewer people who are doing (could mean no last hit chest)
        many people posted about AB but we haven't seen a modification yet (increase damage after X min, give better reward, remove last hit chest cap, make the boss flee after 1 hour, ...)
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          It has gotten to the point on my server that even during "prime time hours" that there is only one team bothering with it. Others who go, see it's the big guns on the boss, and promptly leave.

          R2 has a habit of taking months to respond to various issues and suggestions, I think this one is blocked at the accounting department. Better rewards means the mega spenders will spend less since they are the ones most likely to get top spot. Reducing the time it takes means less server traffic (thus licensing fees to the other platforms will go down), changing the minimum amount needed for the last hit chest means assigning a coder to pour through and modify... then likely having to go back if (or when, for the pessimists) the smallest mistake occurs.

          After suffering through several ABs that lasted 1+ hours, this is my conclusion: it is not worth my time simply because the gold gained is less than if I did WB ( best take from AB = 2.5 million after 2+ hours vs. 4 million in 25 mins in WB), I can get roughly more Soul Crystals from Circuit Quests in the same amount of time and fashion shards and daru for wilds shop as a bonus, and a temporary title that does not make much of a difference considering most of my opponents deal tens if not hundreds of thousands in damage for PvP. If the horde of suck... er.... other contestants are not present for AB, I have a bunch of other better things to do.

          The flip side is if several of the big gun teams show up, I do not get crystaloids or ovens since it ends too fast, even if my team made top 4, and until CSGB finally comes back, I have no way to use the ovens as hammers are currently restricted to Golden Road which will not accept bound balens to roll the dice. Rewards that I can get elsewhere or cannot use.... tres non-chic.
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