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Why is there an unbound and bound items if we cant trade? ^_^

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  • Why is there an unbound and bound items if we cant trade? ^_^

    I just don't understand why items that we possess cant be traded when the description says that it is unbound... Pls help tnx.

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    This question should be answered by the developers.


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      because there is going to be a auction house where you can sell items for balens if they ever put it in game it sure would help the overall economy of this game
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        Later on upon further recoding and translation of the game there will be an interplayer market in which items can be sold for gold or balens like in many other games. R2 has said that this feature will be released at some point but only upon getting the partition of code responsible for this feature sorted out and clear of bugs. There are numerous other posts asking this same question.
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          Tnx for some clarification about this matter. Sad to hear that it is still unclear when we will benefit from this...


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            I am not part of the Developer team but what I can say is that it will be for future updates like as mentioned earlier it maybe the Auction house or other else.