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Battle Grounds Campers

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  • Battle Grounds Campers

    These ppl do nothing but hinder their own team.. they sit in camp thinking it's easy way to get 30 insignia while the rest try their hardest to do the Battle Grounds justice... admittedly, there r bullies on BG like lvl 50+ attking lvl 30's so it gets tiresome to be defeated consistently, however, u lose nothing but the "fake" star points that u start out w/... what's the problem? not to mention, to compensate.. ur stats increase by 10% w/ every loss.. so by 10 losses ur stats have increased 100%... makes u a tougher opponent... so my suggestion is this....

    Loss of 10 honor for every minute standing in camp or auto kick them for staying in camp longer than 1 min.

    Battle Grounds is hell, we all know this.... but it wouldn't be as much of a hell if every participant actually participated... many agree w/ me.. this has been discussed amongst gamers repeatedly. PLZ PLZ PLZ stop the BG campers.