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R2 Wartune stole items

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  • R2 Wartune stole items

    Imagine how far does this theft goes.

    I changed a guild, so after a few days went to organise items from my mail into guilds vault.
    All was gone. Months of saving items went down the drain.
    So, I raise a ticket. After few hours got reply that issue was forwarded to developers and they will take care of it.
    And they did.

    They restored only crappy items and 50% of items still missing ( legend stones, , cristaloids, etc)
    I send another mail, thanking for restoring, but explaining that it is not all they need to restore.

    Answer I got: "We can not restore all the items but only decided by developers. We do not have any chance of autorisation for change it. Sorry for incovenience but developers decided which items will restore and we implement procedure."

    Now I ask U, are they consider as as Idiots and treat as such or what? WHO the f are developers to decide what will restore or not.
    If they were such a smart *****, they would't even cause this loss.

    Any1 can tell me what to do, except canceling my vip accounts and stop spending Money on this ****.

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    Is that a real quote from them?


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      real Quote. from word to word.
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