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Dimensional Wars and BG Questions

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  • RideMyPony
    started a topic Dimensional Wars and BG Questions

    Dimensional Wars and BG Questions

    Dimensional Wars:
    Was here early when it was first introduced. Did the required quests to unlock it, opened a map, played around on it for a short bit, then left the game for a few days. The map expired before I got back. I understand you synthesize maps from the shards you get from playing the event, but how does a player with insufficient shards go about attaining enough shards to get a map?

    How are battleground brackets determined nowadays? I entered a battlegrounds the other day and found players from low level 60s all the way to level 80s. That just kills the event for me.

  • Brutal_Hobo
    sign in 26 days
    and you will get a box

    or they might have exchanges for shards in events

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