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New vip levels/rewards??

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  • New vip levels/rewards??

    Hi ive been vip 9 for almost a year now and the rewards do not seem hardly worth my 7.99 a month I mean yes no honor loss is nice but maybe add some stuff to it like a bigger exp buff or gold gain buff. if anyone has any better ideas please feel free to post
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    I would update the vip weekly check in. If you are a vip 9, you most likely do NOT need those luck stones. Replace it with mahra/sepulcrum.
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      More items for Vip 9. Example everyday when u log in something like this :crypt key, exp scroll,imperial seals, soul seals, mahra seps etc.


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        i do agree that vip bonus (vip wheel as well) could be updated. the luck stones, keys, soul crystals and whips arent a big added value weekly to high players. most important issue is actually that the bonus is kinda outdated related to the content of the game. these rewards were the same 2 years ago and we have received new content: sylphs, resistance,fate stones, wild stones etc. i think mahra/sepulcrum/ resistance crystals (forget the amount now) are more added value.

        regarding the wheel 580k gold is most valuable and reasonable you can get. but for high players it isnt much. maybe some differetn rewards would be better for the vip wheel.


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          Still waiting for that "exclusive" daily quest !
          VIP wheel - I was predicting what I would get on that within a week of starting VIP.
          You never get GEMS - so why are they there.
          Rarely get higher than lvl 5 luck stones - many once I got a lvl 6.
          Skeleton keys (5); 20k daru, minor health potion - nearly all guarenteed - and all useless.


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            Vip really needs a update.

            Weekly rewards:
            Skeleton keys, luck stones(after lv6 vip or something)
            Mahra, sepu(5x each maybe at vip 9?)
            1 crypt key(at vip 9 as well)

            Vip wheel
            Maybe add so vip level affect the rewards you can claim. vip 1 being the rewards you can get now, and then:
            vip5: Sepu
            vip 6: Mahra
            vip 7: res crystal shards
            vip 8: Star sand/star tears shards
            vip 9: Expert/advace map shards and crypt key

            Something like that.

            maybe add levels beyond vip 9? with rewards such as additional dimensions(giving better advantage to vips), maybe a gold drop boost(not affect world boss),

            Would also like to see things suchs as increased hero mode attempts at high vip levels, maybe at vip 9 having 5 hero tries. could also add extra stamina increase everyday, or that you can cultivate more stamina each days?

            The reality is: There's so many things to make vip a luxury again, but cause it hasn't changed much since I started playing, the advantage is small. However, cause of dimensions I still find it worth the money.