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Bounty quest trouble

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  • Bounty quest trouble

    I am having trouble with the bounty quest event. I can't complete 15 quests. I used spirit covenant for this and now can't do more than 9. It says todays quota has been reached. Is there a limit when using spirit covenant? Or do you have to be vip to do 15 a day?
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    you have a limit on the number of bounty quests you can do a day. 20 if I recall correctly is the limit. So you've done other none Legendary bounty quests at some point today.
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      20 is the limit per day no matter what type of bounty, unless there's an event where it allows you to do +10 extra, but there isn't one of those active atm.


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        Save up the enhanced bounty scrolls either from fishing lvl 5 or rare drops from skeleton chest
        You will definitely need it either for events or at later levels (70-80) to gain more exp just to level up.
        I actually sell them (each worth 5000 gold) all the time since I get plenty from daily fishing :P
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          You have 20 att per day, 30 if +10 are added in event, if you have not used any bounty quest before the event started you should be able to do 20 att, more than enough for the event that need 15, if you did not touched your atts before the event you should file a ticket reporting it as a bug.

          I've never had issues with this cuz im lazy on doing this like CQ, so my atts are always untoched.
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            They are all correct. If you did quests before the event had started, that may be why you were unable to do the full allotment that the quest is asking for. But it is a good suggestion, saving them from questing and fishing for when these kinds of events roll around makes getting them done a whole lot easier. Quests usually appear at the trees reset.. But the bounty board and other in game facets do not reset until the new day hits the server. I am sorry you were not able to get the full tally in for the one questing day
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