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lil' pb dns adress

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  • lil' pb dns adress

    i tryied so many times already to log-in into my account but,i receive a message like this:"could not resolve server's DNS adress"..i'm a lil' confused about what should i do ,reinstall my browser,clear cache,go advanced search on forum and google for similar threads about my problem,maybe file a ticket!?i don't know exactly if it is something wrong with my computer or my internet provider that blocks my log-in the game or it is just r2's fault because their server crashed!it is kind of testing my patience so if someone know a bit more about web hosting and game developing,maybe can tell me that it is something that "can"/"will" be fixed anytime soon..first time i saw the text on my screen,i thought,woa,am i being banned?pls don't laugh at me for my naive thought and if possible,give a proper advice!ty..
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    Originally posted by Brutal_Hobo

    change your DNS server to that
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    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
    but yeah. Robo_Hobo for presidente


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      TY Brutal_Hobo,case solved!


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        Thank you Brutal_Hobo great post!

        If you have any other issues with DNS, there's also this thread here to try
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          [/QUOTE] rede