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A tweak to falling items that R2 will ignore like all other suggestions.

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  • A tweak to falling items that R2 will ignore like all other suggestions.

    KISS=Keep It Simple, Stupid.

    With that being said, make all the useless **** falling from the skies visible only to the player it is sent to. I have more snow falling on my server than a blizzard in Antarctica. The lag generated but these falling turds is astronomical. Players are deliberately using them during events to lag other players to give themselves an edge. Another thing is when all that **** is falling it makes it next to impossible to do anything else until the **** finishes. Oh well R2 doesn't give a **** about the players, and this will drive even more players from the game, which is their ultimate goal anyway. I hope it works.
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    Suggestion #1. Actually enforce your rules so tickets regarding cheaters are not just round filed.
    #2. There are 5k Threads regarding bugs. Click to see 101 pages worth of stuff that needs fixing.
    #3. Read the suggestions forums where you will find 5k threads on ways to make it better. Click for 101 pages worth of free suggestions.

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    Take this a step further and get rid of all the spam messages such as a guild member energizing the tree, or picking up the garbage in the guild chamber for a pittance of contribution. Get rid of the XXX has completed level whatever of the Catacombs except for the VERY FIRST TIME any player completes it. Get rid of the notice about someone using a divine light unless you're already in the wilds. For that matter, get rid of it completely! If you're in the wilds, you already KNOW someone used one. If you're not in the wilds there's no way you can GET to the wilds before the light expires!

    And yes, this is still about what the OP said. The spam messages include the roses, Christmas cards, fireworks, marriage quests, etc and so on that not only spam messages but drop garbage all over the screen. Get rid of ALL this garbage, or at least give us an option we can use to SHUT THE GARBAGE OFF!