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Sell Honor

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  • Sell Honor

    If you won't split Battleground times, at least sell honor at a reasonable price so that those of us that cannot attend BG can have a fair chance. I used to enjoy doing the 1pm arena, but now it's useless since I can't do BG,

    I mean, the best equipment in the game requires BG.... which doesn't require skill... just that you're there for an hour. One single hour in a day, and if it's a bad time for you, you're screwed.

    So just sell honor.... 1,000 for $10 sounds ok, but you'd probably go for $100 per 1,000.

    Do something!!!!

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    WOW... really? you willing to pay $100 for every 1,000 points? REALLY? ....
    i gain over 600+ points daily ... if i go to it.

    working on the 34,000 to get to crusader rank, so are you saying you are willing to pay 340,000 for that too ?

    ::shakes head:: .... Rich kids ....

    if honor is sold in cash i would think 90% of the server WOULD NOT buy that ****. i wouldn't buy it when i can get 600+ easy a day. x 7 = 4200 a week.
    if it was sold in GOLD, i wouldn't even buy it cause i need the gold for my astral/guild skills level up. . .
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