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All who agree please post! (QUESTS)

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    agree.its boring now.


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      They do this becuase the max level cap is 80. some people are already level 60.
      What will happen if you raise the daily quests/dungeon quests is that the people that actually have time to do all the extra quests will out level more and more.
      The people that struggle to do all them daily's will even fall more behind.

      Maybe let the quests dont give tons of xp but atleast, and i agree on that point, let the reward be gems/soul crystals/ socketing rods/ seeds/ (honor?) for the ones that cant spend 30$ for sockets and cant make it to the Battlegrounds and/or second arena.



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        I agree however I also agree with what other players are saying about granting too much EXP. Keep the usual quests, but add several others that just primarily grant other rewards (Daru, Kyanite, Gems, Crystals, Soul, Insig, Honor, items, whatever) an maybe do it like 4 quests per type (like first starting out in Catacombs; reach certain level, defeat certain number of minions, collect parts from certain bosses, ect. MultiDungeon; Raid certain number of caves to collect certain number of quest item, defeat miniboss for pieces to a quest item, ect. GroupArena; Defeat players 2+ levels higher than your own, Use only 2 skills for certain number of battles & win using only those 2 skills, Defeat certain number of "class name", ect.
        Battlegrounds; Defeat certain number of combatants in a row, Collect certain amount of crystal in a row without getting killed, Collect the most Honor, ect. WorldBoss; reach 3% total damage, Make it on the top 10 list for most damage done to WB, ect).
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          Yes I'm feeling this!
          Great addition! Lets just hope they listen to the masses for a change instead of there wallets!!!!