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  • Arena Set

    Dear R2
    I am writing this to express my deep desire to has the arena brought back to wartune.Its sad to have exchange events for them when other players arent able to purchase them from the arena shop.Please brong it back before I cry.

  • #2
    +1 to this... all players deserve the same oportunity, please let them get the set atleast till ghe exchange event is over.
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    • #3
      Indeed everyone should have a fair chance to obtain and exchange the equipment.
      Death is only the Beginning :P

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        i dont want exchange or any thing i just want a arena set.. thats all.... i planed to use ashura set until i get the level 40 leg then when i level up to 55 ji thought of arena set then so on.. this event really crashed all my plan.... it is really sad to c that they reamove the areina set.. now i am almost at level 55 with a leg level 40 set. what should i do now..


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          I would on getting the 50 leg set. It sucks they removed the arena set. I much prefer having a leg set but some people doing mpd is not always possible.

          Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.