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    Can someone explain the point system in sylph arena? I thought the ranking was supposed to reset at end of month but now it seems it resets every week. Towards the end of last month I was getting between 150 and 250 points per win. Today the most I got was 100 per win but I look at league ranking and there are people with 2100+ points after one day. What determines how many points you get?

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    It is a daily reward and at the end of the week, much like normal arena, and even battle grounds.. there is the reward to be given.. here is some more information I took a screen shot of from the sylph arena for you.

    A lot of the information on how its done and how it works can be found here, though I still can never wrap my mind about the scoring.. so maybe someone else can chime in with that.. because numbers totally hate me *lol* I hope this information can at least, in some small way help
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      I guess my big confusion is how can some people get 2000+ points in a day? I looked at all my opponents today and the max I could get by defeating any of them was 91 pts so the max I could get is 910 points if I won them all. If everyone starts at 0 on day one why do some get higher points for winning than others?


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        you need to use the refresh button to find ppl who will give more pts. I think you get get 135 pts per fight when you are in Iron group if you try to take those fight who are the most rewarding.
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          Well even at 135 that's still only 1350 a day not 2000+.


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            Most you can Get in Iron is 190 per win, SIlver is 220, Gold is 235, Diamond is 250. The amount Varies based off the difference in points between you and your target, I have estimated that the difference in points between you and your target need to be about 90% of the maximum points you can earn for the bracket in order to get the maximum number of points for the win. ( little confusing, but it makes more sense if you do enough refreshes )

            The key is to refresh until you find a target that will give you the maximum number of points, that you can win against. Usually comparing your top sylph to theres first will give you a good indication, then comparing your team to theres to determine attack order, Hint: herc is a bad sylph for arena but for many people it is one of there top ones.

            I also find it helpful to strip your sylphs to a super low one so that easy targets for you can pass you and then you can beat them for max points. Leapfrogging is fun and it does actually benifit you to do it.

            Hope that helps.

            Oh and one last thing, if you are no where near a new bracket before sundays rewards, you can save your duels and use them between 21:00 - 21:15 for a 10 attempt headstart on others.
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              The points you earn seems to be calculated something like (OPP-YOU)/2 + Min < Max, where the min and max vary by the group you're in (Iron: 90, 190; Silver: 120, 220; Gold: 135, 235; Diamond: 150, 250).


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                Thank you that helps. I guess the people with 2100+ points made it into silver group before they used all their attempts and were able to get a couple at 220.