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Sylph atoll boss

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  • Sylph atoll boss

    I knew it was gonna happen sooner or later, nobody on our servers care for the boss and never enough fight to get last hit reward. sooooo now the boss sits there taking up space and holding up circuit quests because only one group of heavy hitters came to fight it and left after 19 % damage.......they were the only group... all cashers. i am so happy that peeps wised up and quit feeding into it. Better rewards are needed if you want any to attempt. i have 900 stoves and 0 hammers. at this rate i am set for months. already got the mount soooo longgggg boss

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    Unless you're unfortunate enough to not have the mount, like me. Then it really sucks.


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      on our server few teams do ab, most of time no end chest will be rewarded.

      many topics exist already about ab and the useless reward.
      for the nr 1 ranked team ab is nice. otherwise it's meh at best. another issue is also the the high resistance needed, which lower br ppl cant have.

      i need a few ovens, but i only participate if guildies need me