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new character ! XD

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  • new character ! XD

    i'm just suggesting .. what if can you create or add on a new character ( assassin ) .. that's all ..

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    there's an assassin was the rogue i believe but i want a new character too like an char that has gun or have some axe O.o
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      unless 7 roads allows us to insert a new character we will not be able to. I don't see it happening because the original game only has 3 classes and will only have 3 classes.


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        The Archer is technically already an "Assassin" with his/her poison arrow skill, an a character that weilds an Axe that could easily be done by just adding to the available weapons the Knight can use. Personally, the CLASSES (characters are just models when you think about it, its the classes that defines them) will have to wait cause of the hype any new class class would create. Think about it, sure a new class would be awesome, but in order to make it work R2 and/or 7thRoad would have to:

        1) create a server(s) that would include these new classes, but exclude this massive change from the other servers that have already been created.
        2) create an entirely separate version of wartune (ie Wartune 2), but would most likely be costly to them in the long run.

        Either way though, these two options would make the current servers practically playerless or the current wartune would be practically playerless. And IF they were to just add them to the current servers, that would create mass amounts of complaints about "THATS UNFAIR! I'M STUCK WITH THIS CLASS AN CAN'T CHANGE TO THE NEW ONES!" or at least something like that, and would probably cause some or alot of their paying customers to leave the game OR with the latest server launch (an I'm betting) MOST or all the players from every server would go to the newest one just to experience the "new classes" an I'm sure you know would create one heck of a lot of lag lol.

        Gotta see the bigger picture before you suggest something as massive as this. May not seem massive to you, but new classes/characters IS a huge change to the game lol.
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