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Making it fair.

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  • Making it fair.

    There is a simple way for this game to be fair with all players, new and old ones.

    As you know the events that keep happening are all in favor of advanced players.
    If you want new players to keep coming (and staying) and be able to experience everything the old ones had,
    then you need to give them rewards that suits them and not just the advanced players.

    And here comes the tricky part, which requires a double reward system but easy to make.
    The only thing that needs to be done is adding an extra parameter to calculate both rewards.

    Example 1.

    current identify event: rewards = 100k gold - 2 soul seals - 2 fashion shard.

    make it to have current rewards and add a second reward bellow that will have the same but instead of soul seal it will be soul crystals x30.

    when identifying 5x times both rewards will activate to be claimed x1 times but also both rewards will deactivate when claimed either one.
    meaning both rewards will have the same shared db for calculating whether you have rewards to claim or have them claimed already.

    Example 2.

    current gem synthesizer event: rewards = Level 6 Gem: Lvl. 6 HP Gem x1,Soul Seal x10,Lvl. 1-5 Gem Pack x2.
    make it to also have the old rewards = Level 6 Gem: Lvl. 6 HP Gem x1,Soul crystal x100,Lvl. 1-5 Gem Pack x2.

    These examples can be made in any way you want and change rewards that suits for both new and old players.

    I would like to see a double rewarding system with the very old rewards for whips/gems/soul crystals,
    so i can work my way up better than just getting gold and lots of exp making my char weak for my lvl.

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    thumbs up (y)

    please be fair & equal to all players and return other old events


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      if a mod can add a voting poll in the post it would be nice. (agree or not)
      and change the tittle if possible by adding a [events] - Making it fair, so ppl know what it is about and click to read.



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        Double reward system.. lol
        You should alrdy be aware by now that they could make things complicated
        with the recent Happy New Year double calender pages exchange.
        You can tell that they have the ability to, but their hearts are not willing to
        conform to the player community response and feedback.
        It's pretty more of the opposite that is happening for now.
        "Why so glum? As if you ate a sour plum,
        Why so grim? I think you need some pimple cream,
        Why so serious? :-o "

        "Game disappointment? If the game won't change, then just change your game! (you play)"