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Gifting Items In Marriages Between Spouses??!!

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  • Gifting Items In Marriages Between Spouses??!!

    Hey Guys

    I am making a suggestion for what the title says. I have encountered that this is one of the few MMO RPG's online that doesn't allow spouses to give each other more than just charm increasing items. I know it would benefit not only my spouse but also other people in my server (server 523). So i suggest that u should look in to letting spouses give each other things like collectable items, gear, gold, daru, basically anything that is possible. And if there are more people who feel the same way, please comment down below and also tell other people about it. The more we get response on this forum the more likely R2 people will see this and may do something about it.

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    That is a very good idea i would vote for that ^^