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Whats the worst daily/periodical event?

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    Ha nvm ty///
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      i am already high level and play this game from long time 0 cent spent, and i always try to stay online to waste less time as possible.
      if you are new, low level or in need of collecting everything (keep this point in mind reading my list) , i already know this would totally change the thing, but not all, some are just useless and stop.
      anyways here is my list ( personal opinion 2.a more objective point of view):

      1. totally useless after you got the mount, i never went there anymore, i just enter and leave in case of event chest.
      2. same thing, totally useless (i dont even understand why they even bother to "improve" this event).

      1. totally useless, i never do, nor i check my position, i only use attempts in case of hot events not bothering to much, attack the people who can kill me fast or in afk while i do some streching.
      2. same thing, totally useless.

      1. totally useless nowadays (for me) and not cause i have all runes maxed since i dont, i dont like and i dont care about that, enter and afk only to collect hot event in case.
      2. if you care about, the amount of runes are so poor that i doubt it worth the time wasted, or the effort to team up with the "strongest" or do a balanced fight for 25 mins. enter only if you care or "really need"

      1. not so totally useless, but nowadays it is.
      2. free gold daru sc to do alone without any requirements, the event is structured bad and need a total revamp.

      1. dont care too much about that, this is so overrated, i just do when i have time and not bothering to party with any kind of restrictions, what i like here is fast death or fast lose,
      5 mins of balanced fight to collect some insignia more is a total waste of time, and this event become lag and more lag round after round. boring.
      doing from time to time with anyone for 5-10-15 attempts depending on time and will is more than enough.
      2. same thing more or less, probably many will have different opinion, what i say is that is a bit overrated, the effort to do everyday,
      team up with the strongest and waste a lot of time inside there, is not so worth it. not to skip but not even to maximise like it is a so great event.

      ATOLL BOSS :
      1. after i got the mount i had stop doing, it can happen i got invited and i join only if i have the guaranteed to be in 1st top party (couple of times each month), boring and laggy.
      2. rewards are totally **** for the effort, after you got the mount, do only in case you really need something or you have some time more to waste.

      1. necessary, but i stop putting too much effort there, in case the lag reach the boiling point (with christmas boss basically after first round)
      i just half afk, half attack, take a smoke ,all depenidng on my will, and who cares, not that 1-2 mils gold more or less change my day for the headache i will have trying to concentrate in doing my best with all that lag,
      i do always when i can but for example i dont even bother about looking rankings, not like 360k meaningless gold worth the effort in case of a balanced fight between 2 people for 1st place.
      2. necessary, some people still think that is a competition and sometimes i see peope writing GO GO x GO GO y to take a higher rank, i suspect some even use some balen revive or buff in the last just to take 1 higher rank
      i see more like "you just get gold and daru according to your total damage, what other people do is totally meaningless and not affect at all your laggy and boring daily repetitive rounds"

      1. like or not like, for me is always laggy, i dont put too much effort in finding the best rewards there, since i can basically solo all 70 bosses, i never party with anyone when i have time i just try to find fast some monsters-elites and 1 boss
      and try to go out as fast as possible, if i see a boss 80 call (or 70) i just join to do my daily if i have time. anyways if people think that killing 3 elites 80 is so different from 70 as rewards you really need some fresh air, i just kill the first thing
      that i find in my way 70 or 80 same for monsters, all depends on time and will i have to waste.
      2. same thing for all that concern wilds, i always take mines the first i find (if you waste some minutes more just to search and take a mine 60 to get some k more gold you really need some fresh air)
      i never plunder anyone nor i care if others plunder me, it's just a stu-pid game, and i already get enough gold from my dailies, not is my business to take other people's gold.
      avoiding everything that will force you to stay more or pay more attention for stu-pid discussion of revenge-hate for a video games is always the best thing to do to save time to use for other things.
      (even when you are the on who "lose" something)

      1. for me is absolutely boring, i just do from time to time with free gold maps got from dimension.


      I VOTE BLOODY INFERNO AS THE MOST BORING LAGGY ANNOYING BUGGED **** OF AN EVENT OUT TO DATE. (i will do sure , probably everyday for the first period , but that doesn't change the fact)