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  • Level sitting

    First of all, this is not going to be a 'we should eliminate level camping' thread. If you want to rant about those who camp at various levels in order to buff up more, go elsewhere.

    That being said, the devs obviously want people to level up to 80 sooner rather than later but the main reason people camp at the lower levels is to get their full set of legend gear. Yes, there are players who will camp just to run bg's and arena, who never do anything that gains xp if they can help it, etc. There will always be players that do that. The majority of campers though, I believe, camp until they reach specific milestones of character improvement and the biggest of those is their full set of legend gear as well as their talent levels.

    Now, at lower levels players can grind out their gear fast because of the summoners in the mpd's...but 70+ players are out of luck in that regard.

    My suggestion then would serve to entice players to advance to at least level 75 before camping, and would also further serve to hurry those campers along to gaining levels again.

    Add a new level 75 MPD that includes a summoner.