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  • SC events,

    I'm not writing another "when will sc event be" thread. What I'm asking is are the ones who do not need them ever going to be given a way to get rid of them besides selling for 1 gold?

    The exchange events lately haven't existed or have required using MTW's. Which some of us still need.

    All I am asking is, if there isn't going to be events to exchange them, could we please stop being bombarded with them?

    Thank you,

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    the last few sc exchanges allowed you to exchange them for gold, without whips.


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      That one hasnt been around, at least not on server s378 for a long while now. the last sc exchange event that we had was for mtw and sc


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        The last straight up exchange was a couple months ago, I believe, and I for one could really use one about now. They should just bump up the auto-sell price and be done with it. 100 gold each would be less than the last exchange, but still high enough to satisfy most players that they're not totally garbage. And a full stack would be worth basically the same as a full stack of gold chests, which seems reasonable to me.