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Change vip tokens for Daru Crystals

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  • Change vip tokens for Daru Crystals

    Wen we do duels, wining or losing, we always gain something, except when we get vip tokens. Very useless... Why not change vip tokens for Daru Crystals in duels?

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    That's one of the only ways you can get VIP tokens and for those that ARE VIP.... that is useful to get a chance to get something off the VIP wheel. You get daru pearls from fighting the wandering monsters out in the wilds, you don't get vip tokens, you don't get potions, etc. Maybe raise the selling price to 1000 gold per vip token so those that aren't vip can get something out of it at least, instead of 10 gold each for the selling price. But don't take out the VIP tokens as rewards for duels.