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    Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
    Wrong. Since about 4? maint's ago. All +level increases removed on temp mounts.
    Then how did I boost my stats as much as I have? I've only gotten 3 +attributes mounts since I last maxed out my stats and have 45 levels worth on Endurance yet to get. Ancient Dragon is +5, Kingly Steed is +10 and Chimera is +5.
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      Originally posted by rangelaeyes View Post
      Then how did I boost my stats as much as I have? I've only gotten 3 +attributes mounts since I last maxed out my stats and have 45 levels worth on Endurance yet to get. Ancient Dragon is +5, Kingly Steed is +10 and Chimera is +5.
      Have you even looked at temp mounts lately?

      Can you spot the difference?


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        So temporary mounts lost value except during HoF and such
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          The clothing & mount lag is a known fact. That's why I use the simplest, plainest, smallest & no-animation clothing & mount as much as I can, even if I don't look as cute in that form. I've been sharing this with guildies since long time ago & encouraged everyone to avoid animated clothing & mounts or hide their clothing when doing group runs.

          With regard to the sylph skills description, a "Reflective Shield" simply means deflection. That's also shown in the description text of Reverse Damage (knight skill), which is nothing but a 200-1000 damage rebound. Water's Spirit seems to drop only single-target hits & has no effect on multiple targets.

          Now basically every server is dead. No way to get a full group for all runs even for those who are assigned a fixed team and will not run with random people, not to mention those without a regular group. I have 2 characters on Kabam and 1 on R2Games. NONE could get all runs done on any day since August or maybe even February last year.

          Originally posted by DevilGrave View Post
          So guys this new mount that comes from the new mpd event Bloody Inferno. Is going to be the topic of discussion. Along with other recent game changes

          First of I really would like to know what the frell they are thinking making a 7 day mount cost 500 shards? Have they lost their minds? I will say either they lost their minds or they think we must be stupid Why would we waste the time with a 7 day mount that doesnt allow you to use more whips? Futhermore Why the frell are we not getting a permanent mount from Bloody Inferno?

          Tower Of Kings has the Netherwing dragon a Permanent Mount, Atoli Boss even gives a permanent mount along with amethyst mine and the forgotten catacombs. Hell even the wilds has one so why do we get the shaft from the new mpd Bloody Inferno...? One might say that the Developers have become greedy thus has turned alot of people away an they have quit to play other games with less bugs an cryptic tool tips for skills an sylph skills.

          Now as a Veteran wartune Player. I have seen the changes from the beginning till now. When they released clothing it caused alot of people to quit playing because before clothing...A casher yes a casher consisted of you having 3 pay mounts wings an vip. Then when clothing was released it caused an uproar an they lost alot of people because it gave the casher more of an edge. They since have made it easier to get clothing. Then came slyphs.....Big big cash right there. Again caused people to quit....Then came the Pay sylphs. Hades an Apollo. Which are actually a must have you have to get them an until as of late they made them near impossible to get unless you had a horseshoe wedged up "yeah thats right you know where", But that still doesnt stop people from cashing them. The server I currently play on opened May 2014. There are people with Gold refined sylphs that had literally cashed them to gold. Now is the a bit ridiculous in my opinion yes.

          An here is why. It seems that there are so many bugs with the game and inappropriate tool tips or descriptions on sylph skills. an so much more wrong yet instead of fixing things they pile on more. For instance Sylph Atoli boss is bugged it causes lag an Disconnect issues. Is this fact Yes it has been mentioned an has it been fixed NO it hasnt. Another Big one is Dragon Invasion. It seems every time they do maintenance they break it. I have videos an screenshots. Another issue many dont know about of the lag issues is CLOTHING the more animated the clothing the more lag it will cause. This again I have tried an tested. For instance Fire an Icey wings or Poseidon wings in Arena My team has put on both sets with everyone on 1 set or the other an we were able to cause the enemy team to DC during arena. We tried this several times to make sure it wasnt connection issues with people meaning something on their ISP's end. When we successfully did this 5 times in a row with different teams we were against it proved the fact that the animated clothing is bugged. Now many might say well hey your exploiting a bug an you need to have your account banned. My answer to you is NO we did not exploit the bug we had to test an make sure certain that we got the same results, in which we promptly submitted a bug report ticket to R2. Has anything been done of course not. Why some might say they dont care an just want our money.

          Next example Sylph skills. Now I have 4 refined sylphs Hercules Medusa Cerberus an Triton. Now so far the 2 skills I have issues with are 1. Windcrest for Medusa. The skills description/tool tip states"Generates a reflective shield for all teammates, reflect 20% (up to 20,000) damage back last 2 turns" Now here is the problem My current Toon is an Archer an since we dont really have heals or shields, Outside of BloodThristy strike for heals. Soulhunters arrow is NOT a HEAL its a chance to heal a minor amount an chance is not good odds. So with that being said I got the skill for my medusa expecting a SHIELD since the skill clearly says Generates a reflective shield for all teammates instead you get a lame deflection astral that last 2 turns an does less damage than a deflection astral will do. Is this false advertising I think so. I submitted a ticket on this an got an answer of we have to have the Developers get back to you that was 3 months ago an they have just tried to close my ticket about 8 times now.....Now the second skill I helped a friend Test an it is for the Triton Water's Spirit "Ensures the teammate with the lowest HP dodges a critical strike last 2 turns" Now here is the problem it says dodges a critical strike ok great so what about Hades Endless Engulf or Apollo's Sowrd of Judgement? Nope doesnt work for multi hit skills which it is 1 attack so why doesnt it dodge the crit from the skill...? My friend sent in a ticket the same time an still has not received an answer..... Why is this it seems that they really dont care about what we have to say or about the bug reports unless they are serious... They Jumped when they broke Tower of kings an we were able to just walk through Nightmare an get 12.5mil exp for free an 5 chest. But why wont they fix the bugs with the skills or rewrite the tool tips an refund those that are not happy with the skills I mentioned above because they do not work how they say they are supposed to. Very misleading. But there is an old saying **** in one hand an want in the other an see what fills first. Unfortunately that's the big case here.

          So Maybe if enough of use get together on this an get them to change things an fix the bugs an actually answer tickets that are forwarded to them, People wont mind spending some money. But Knights block heal super nerf is ridiculous an archers skills changed an nerf but mages get to stay the same oh we raised th xp need for their talents big deal they are still OVERPOWERED. So Please Join the Crusade to get the developers to fix the issues here. An for the love of gods Speed up merging servers they are all dead due to you lack of support.

          I want to know any severs below 470 that get last hit rewards for atoli boss? Or how many servers are not getting Dragon Invasion because there just is not enought people? Maybe after this They will finally listen......I doubt it but its worth a try


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            That is awful!!! I didn't notice it until NOW!!! I synthesized the Jewl Hunt mount & Evil Unicorn just to use them before the next whips event, but now I guess they are ENTIRELY USELSSS!!! This is just upsetting :'(

            Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
            Have you even looked at temp mounts lately?

            Can you spot the difference?


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              Maybe it some comfort, but i heard from someone that max attribute level is capped at 600, so it wont matter on the long term. (But yes, I speak easily, since I already made all temp mounts and got the extra +strength cap).
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                Originally posted by DreamFrenzy View Post
                500 shards is not bad for the mount as we get 100+ each day in inferno so can use them as we please and stops overfilling of inventory.
                The only issue I seem to have is what blood crystal used for I know can get extra buffs but we not need buffs when we can clear inferno without buffs.

                Blood Crystals can we have like chests we can make from them to?
                I like this idea.


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                  Originally posted by Fherlayt View Post
                  Maybe it some comfort, but i heard from someone that max attribute level is capped at 600, so it wont matter on the long term. (But yes, I speak easily, since I already made all temp mounts and got the extra +strength cap).
                  When you lose the temp mount the attribute stack stays, however it wont count the max attribute from your next permanent mount.
                  If both are + 5 that is off course.