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  • Add lvl10 composters to Shop

    Ok guys, we all know that you love our money, here is easy way to get some more - just add lvl10 (why not lvl11 too) composters to shop! Price as 3K balens for lvl10 scroll sounds fair, 5K balens for lvl11. Its win win situation. You will get more money, we will get those composters! Its damn insane to blitz Necropolis 100+ times and still cant get any lvl10 or 11 composters and its not only me. Ok i get it - its luck, but you wont lose anything if you add lvl10 and 11 composters to shop. Players wont stop blitzing Necropolis cuz they still will need lvl12 composters, so you will sell your crypt keys too. And smtg more even players that alrdy have lvl10 and/or 11 composter will buy them, cuz converting gems is too expensive. If player X have lvl10 charisma composter (for example)... well there is rly big chance to buy at least lvl10 HP composter, and this is 3K balens just like that. Wartune is playin from 1000s players, so make the math how much you can earn if you add those composters to shop.

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    I would like those transposers in shop too, Necro is having a really bad drop rate of transposer taking in mind that cost 3 Cript Keys per day and those are not really easy to get.

    Another nice add should be that those were set on cript shop, but see it hard to happen... really really hard!!!
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      1 crypt key costs 75 balens. It takes 3 crypt keys to blitz necro. (so 150 balens per day) If you blitz necro every day for a month that equals 4500. Since the only place to get LVL 10+ transposers is in necro, R2 is guaranteed income from ALOT of players. It is basic supply and demand economics... Keep the supply low and the demand high and you can make ALOT of money. If there are at least 100 players willing to spend 4500 balens per month in the hopes of getting the transposers (and Id say there are a lot more than 100) .... that's a monthly income of $4,500 (give or take a % for those who use bound balens when they can) .... I doubt they would give that up.

      I do feel they should increase the drop rate of the transposers though..... because that would actually get MORE people to spend the money on the crypt keys