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BG's Present - A look for the future (Justice and Fair Gameplay) - Needs to be fixed

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  • BG's Present - A look for the future (Justice and Fair Gameplay) - Needs to be fixed

    May i have all of your attention, R2Games and its players.

    BG's nowadays is being a curse, specially for recent server players. Basically BG's are now the World of Campers which is wrong and something must be done immediately! Specially from 65BG - further.. 2-year campers and suddent lvl 80's who didn't finish quest that are affecting other players gameplay and honor.
    There are no rules or respect. camping at enemy's spawn which makes lower players leave bg and basically quit getting honor / battleground treasure shard.

    Instead of splitting players by level. Split by server "age" which will definitely makes thing much more easier. People complain about cashers and campers. thing is campers, most of them are cashers too, even they deny lol..

    This is serious and will let flow more the gameplay and will attract even more players. Want more players in Wartune? This will be the right choice.

    Hope to hear from you soon,


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    BG should be divided by lvl, BUT should take BR in account for lossing honor. For example, if the difference of BR is more than 30 k (this can be 50k or more depending on the lvl of the BG) the looser doesnt lose Honor. And the attacker should also get less honor. Even lose honor for attacking a much weaker player (if the strong player started the battle).

    Cause what honor u would get by beating a much weaker player? (its like an adult beating a 2 year old child...)


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      I see lots of lvl 80 players with 300k br in my bgs (64-69) and I can't even leave spawn without being instantly killed I've reached the point where I just go in last 5 minutes to get my 30 or 90 honor and the only thing I can do is taunt them safely from inside my camp.
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        I'm one of those lvl 80s... or two of them technically >.> but I'm letting people cart and farming the spawn campers.

        And I'm not sure about separating bg's by server age. Cashers would be invincible. At least now, campers have a chance unless someone is just cashing way too much.


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          Thanks for your comments guys, we just need some kind of a petition so R2 makes something about this. I'm seeing a lot of players quitting because of this
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            I get my honor from Guild Wars.

            Tired of losing 400 honor to some lower player because I fight several tough fights and am low on health- I should have been a mage so I can heal every 10 seconds...
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              it should be done on br alone , its pvp so it should reflect battle rating more than lvl
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                Originally posted by Mudokon View Post
                it should be done on br alone , its pvp so it should reflect battle rating more than lvl
                This, absolutely.

                I see a lot of heavy cashers in the 60-70 range with 280-300k br or so, and also a lot of players who rushed to 80 and have under 100k br, and everywhere in between.

                Basing the bg entry purely on BR, and the LOCKING THE INVENTORY so you cannot swap gear or pot up AFTER entering the bg would make things much more fair for players of all level ranges and battle ratings. Yes, you might very well end up with a really weak 50k br level 80 in a bg with a moderately strong level 50 who also has 50k br....but the extra skill points the level 80 has won't be that much of an advantage. Certainly not nearly as much of an advantage as a 300k level 70 casher has going into a bg with all the rest of the players in the 150-200k br range.


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                  Something must be done R2Games, the situation still keeps like this. S500+ Servers can't make honor or even farm shards.
                  You have to do something
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