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Single Player Dungeon question?

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  • Single Player Dungeon question?

    I've gotten all SSS ranks on every other mission in this one map, but there's one I just can't unlock Hero mode for. All the enemies are about 20 or so levels BELOW me and I have higher level gear, troops, etc. I can kill the boss in about 2-3 hits without troops and maximum 2 with them. But at the end of every run it STILL says a B or C for the damage dealt section. How is it calculated and what's the best way to get the most damage dealt score?
    IGN: SakamotoMori
    Class: Archer
    Server: [S288] - Razor Cliffs
    Guild: S.I.N.

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    remove troops, when the fight starts go in sylph mode, auto atk, rune and delphic. or just delphic your way through mobs