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auto-kick feature in BG

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  • auto-kick feature in BG

    I don't know if this is a good idea but BG could probably use an auto-kick afk-er. For a period of time lets say a person does a 5-minute afk for Idon'tcarewhatreason gets kicked. These leeching bastards kinda messes up the BG for everyone on their team. This probably won't get implemented but I just want to throw this idea out :P

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    its good +1

    afk'er in BG is so annoying.


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      seriously,what is afk ? im newbie
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        Originally posted by WontheFool View Post
        seriously,what is afk ? im newbie
        AFK means 'away from keyboard'. In the case of the battlegrounds, it's referring to people who enter the event and don't move or participate in the event for most of, or the entire, duration.
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          One problem with kicking afk people and that is who ever joins to replace them will be put on that team and 90% of the time it will be the losing team which isn't fair for that person either, the best way to fix the afk problem is to base the rewards off of how much points that person got which would also mean that they need to also implant a way of keeping track of how much points that person got so they can still use them to heal or they could just skip that and make it more challenging by forcing you to not heal if you want the best rewards you can get either way its really the only way to fix the problem.