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Something out of the Norm add a Grand Exchange

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  • Something out of the Norm add a Grand Exchange

    So the idea I have that Might help improve the game is a Grand Exchange or World Market. This would be game wide 1 per each host. R2games, Kabam, Kongragate, etc. The idea of a Grand Exchange or World Market would allow for a Game wide trading. For instance Crystaloids after you have your 80 armor set an your running Lynch Lair Nightmare for 70 stones for your rings or jewels an to help fellow player. Well we dont need the crystaloids. So we could go to the Grand Exchange an Put them there for sale where other players could buy them for gold at a cheaper cost or allow them to trade an barter for things. Perfect example my wife also plays with me an we are in the same guild. I have star tears that I dont need since getting divinty shards are extremely hard to get when they are in an event once in a blue moon. So the shards I have I would give her so she could make a cerberus an in return she could give me gold or shards etc. It would bring players closer together an make a community. Rather than everyone is against everyone except for the small group of people they run things with.

    The chances of this happening It probably wont happen an if it does they will probably charge balens which needs to not happen that way its a way for the free to play an cashers to work together an help each other. Becuase the cashers seem to have one attitude an 9 out of 10 its negative an they are usually the ones that are getting reported for harassment etc. So with the Grand exchange it would bring servers together across the board. One exchange for the PST servers ! for the Oceanic 1 for Europe and EST servers. Then it would bring players to have more interaction with people an not just with their server.

    Just an idea hopefully the developers take it into consideration so it enables us to help others an get help from others.

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    Chinese servers have had this for more than a year. we won't be getting it, ever.
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      Chinese version has the auction house which for some reason not been released over here. I Believe it was not r2 decision but one other companies that were involved in English version of wartune.

      As with any trade how do you stop abuse as you could create an alt that get items that you could trade with a players main account. The other thing is a group of players to could over inflate a price of an item or deflate the value of an item too.

      Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.