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Guild Altar Unfair

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  • Guild Altar Unfair

    My suggestion is than Guild Altar the SHOP ITEM was for come only good things how crypt key, socket, mahra, and anothers things GOOD. Now come pote hp, shadow crystal,
    soul crystal, skeleton key it is trash need change for better things or only let crypt key and socket is good. For we free players get socket and crypt is so hard, when
    u have luck in altar u take SHOP ITEM EVER COME SKELETON KEY, if u take 4 times in SHOP ITEM 4 times come skeleton key or sc. The 30 attps than u have u need take
    20 times SHOP ITEM for u get 1 crypt key or 1 socket and it not is 100% chance, can take 30 times and u not will take crypt and socket. I hope than u see it and change
    it for better.