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Please get us out of Armorgames

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  • Please get us out of Armorgames

    Hi, i have an account which was at Armorgames (AG) server1 US-west

    Now, whoever logged in wartune via AG would have know that AG indirectly host our game.
    Our real host is actually Kongregate.
    How i know this?

    Well, during 4v4 PVP arena, the name of our server is shown below our character. It does not shows Armorgame-01
    Instead it shows Kongregate-02.
    This only applies to those who register with AG server 1.

    Can you imagine the lag? we connect to AG, AG connect to kongregate, then connect to r2. We went through so many servers!

    And this morning trying to login to Armorgames, it somehow redirect me to Cloudflare? what the F is this?
    And then we were unable to login to AG at all for a few moments.
    Perhaps AG is being hacked or attacked by DDOS, god knows....

    Anyway thanks.