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So sylph arena bug or r2 stupid

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  • So sylph arena bug or r2 stupid

    So u get 10 battles first one u can get 90 points 2nd 135 then 190 if lucky rest of way. so lets see 8x190 = 1520+90=1610+135+1745 I see kabam and others with 2369 So why is this not fixed yet the carry over of turns yet been weeks?

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    It might just be a carry over from last week. People can save upto 10 attempts from sunday, and use them after reset.
    Use it to get a bonus for the current week, foregoing some points for the previous week if it suits you.
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      so cheating to get ahead nice


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        it is not cheating. It just way the system works. If you have no use all your attempts you have about 10-15 minutes to use them once it gets past midnight. You could say the same for people who wait for the events to start and then do them and then get them again when the reset happens.

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