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cerberus damage

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  • cerberus damage

    hi.. can anyone tell me why me cerberus damage is about the same before it was refine..
    whereby i see 1 almost the same stats as me but alot higher damage..
    pls advise

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    the Color and the stars (like purple 3 stars) are also playing on the dmg your sylph will do I think. So if your Cerberus have the same stats than someone else Cerberus, but you have less stars than that person, you will do a little less dmg. (Just need someone else to confirm that though XD )
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      he also having same 1 star


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        Have you looked into or asked the other cerebus person on the details of the items or divinity souls equipped on said "rivals" cerebus? Because between two cerebus of the same color and stars the only difference in BR (or atk dmg) would be whether or not you built your sylph pure STR, the level of both sylphs, and items equipped on said sylph.


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          Damage isn't something where you go like oh we have same stats so now I'll hit 5k and he'll hit 5k
          You have floating damage/determination (or will destroyer lvls)/will crystal lvls(an bonus from dimensions)/etc/etc/etc

          Floating damage in itself is a lot of luck when it comes down to it; been playing with a lv10 ruthless for a while now for a change of pace and the added fluctuation in floating damage results in some massive differences in damage compared to just normal stats (or vs people with similar stats) critting 1mil on players or 3mil+ on pve bosses whereas someone with same stats can hit much much less.


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            If your damage didn't increase after you upgraded an AQ to cerberus, did you remember to re-assign the stat points? You should get a significant increase in sylph BR just by refining, so you should see some improved results. Comparing to someone else's cerberus is tricky though, you can't see what divinity souls they have, or how enchanted their gear. They could also have a different allocation of stat points, which can make a pretty big difference. You can see how much sepulcrum they have invested though, so compare that to yours and see if they've enchanted it a lot more.


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              Are you sure that you spend same amout of sepulcrum like you opponent? Cuz i was takig herc with my gaia realy easy when i was had gaia. But my was eat 5 k sepulcrum and herc maybe 2 k . so i owertake him realy easy