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sylph gear enchant

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  • sylph gear enchant

    ok so I'm happy i get 100 gods blessing to upgrade my darkness of hades to power of gaia , well turns out was a big mistake !! i lost 1k in br due to losing enchants , so here i am 15 mil gold later with power of gaia enchanted to level 6 and still down a bit in br , plus all the gold used to enchant in the 1st place , wow crazy ,, and too top it off the refine stats u need 18 holy water instead of 4 ,,these are the days i wonder why i even bother , feedback is you suck ! and my suggestion is, well isn't it obvious !!!

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    welcome to the new gold sinking feature
    RETIRED. Too much bugs, too time consuming, too few listening from Wartune
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      Originally posted by ArnaudBo View Post
      welcome to the new gold sinking feature
      true but the main issue is having enough gold when the event comes, it doesnt matter a lot in between unless you're impatient so its ok i guess:P

      if im correctly i used 40m gold last event cz i had a lot of sylph enchant items


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        Originally posted by krzycanuk View Post
        [...],feedback is you suck !
        What you mean by feedback? There is a lot of info from players all around the forum about sylph gear! I even started a thread about the patch since I'm in a test server!
        If you were looking a little in the forum you would had know that :
        -When you upgrade your sylph gear, the enchantment lvl reset;
        -If you had any divinity soul in your gear before the upgrade, you still keep them in your gear, as well than any empty socket previously open;
        -If you had refined stats in your gear before the upgrade, you keep them. But in order to get the extra stat from the refining after the upgrade, you need to use the same way than from a gear without stats (that mean a blue gear with 3 stats can only get the 4th stat after the upgrade if you refine the whole thing again... you can still lock your previous stats from the blue gear);
        -The real boost you can get by upgrading your sylph gear is only in long term : higher cap lvl for enchantment, more socket can be open and you can get more refined stats. The default stats from the gear (like for the weapon, it's give MATK and PATk) is also higher.

        Sorry that you had to learn that the hard way...but at least you will know for your others piece of gear (and you should also warn your guild mate about that so they don't get disappointed when they try that too)
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          well thank you for educating me on this ,lol, however it has nothing to do with what I'm posting ,,my rant is losing br now , nothing too do with the long run , you can still benefit in the ways you mention without getting reamed from the start ,, oh to clarify , my feedback was the upgrade sucked , not the feedback forum , as i posted in feedback and suggestions ,, lol