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8 coin of ancestry for a blue sylph item ?

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    spend them
    dont save
    your choice


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      Originally posted by sunshinε View Post

      And i have 3 fully equipped sylphs, R2 must be joking or considering some of us way stupid to exchange 8 coins for something that you can make without any effort.
      Please Sunshine you are too much weak !

      Only 498k Br in your signature, i think its need a little update


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        Originally posted by ArnaudBo View Post
        and why not make fun of r2games ? they don't play their game, or they would never put such an exchange.
        (it remind me of the hot event they added soon after card system was added. the reward was impossible because noone could reach their goal)

        many people are saving the coin hoping for something worthy to buy and they putted the highest exchange price for an item we can have for free in a few days.
        its a trap for new server people that are cashers that dosent know the game or value of stuff just like most ''hot deals''


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          One player on the server I play was a little tweaked about having exchanged their coins the day before for the lvl 70 legend stones instead of waiting. Exchange for what you want, look at the event which give boxes with the coins to have an idea how long these exchanges will go on.

          Another player exchanged their coins for a Medusa, which was an upgrade from their green Pan. Can't please everyone all the time.
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