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  • a better way for kyanite

    ok this has been an outstanding issue that im suprized no one has brote up its kyanite . why is that kyanite is so scarce compared to every thing else. so my idea is that we should at least be able to at least plant more then one kyanite seeds or maby have a kyanite mine we could even have some sort of wager system that would alow players to earne more kyanite but reguardless of what would work in solving this issue its a worthy issue to talk aboute because I love this game and im a vet but I know that others are dealing with the same issue well that's all I have P.S. to all those who are in agreamint I whould love to to hear your input on this maby you will have a better idea on how to solve this problum

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    I made this suggestion way back when academy page 2 was introduced. With the cost of each level in academy being so high, kyanite is vital to get it. Not to mention the fact taht now we have wilds which uses up kyanite faster than you can accumulate it. Planting more than one kyanite seed in your farm isnt that bad over all. They seeds dont give a whole lot as is and if you do full guild blessings everyday you accumulate more kyanite seeds than you will ever need. For example, I am sitting on 700 of the 4 hour kyanite seeds.


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      Yeah multiple kyra seeds would not be bad . .i got 50ish 12 hour seeds. . would not mind being able to plant 9 in a go.


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        yes we definetly need to be able to aqcuire more kyanite. the Blessing wheel for example usually takes way to much to get to 200. usually i get a good roll then 5's or 10's the rest of the time.. how bout making the Blessing wheel 1 fixed price for the boost lets say 10,000 or 5,000 or whatever. more kyanite drops in dungeons, more rewards with kyanite in them, or make it just like the Amethyst mine but give more then 300 per day. say maybe 10,000 per day or 20,000 per day. or how bout making getting kyanite equal to Daru and Gold? just some ideas to throw out there..