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Has anyone actually read the R2Games TOS?

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    Originally posted by Revelâ„¢ View Post
    A lot of these games have a similar ToS, you don't own the account, you don't have any rights, simple as that.
    and that is why you should never, ever buy any in-game items with cash. even after you purchase it, you don't own it. They can take it back any time they choose, with no notice or compensation.
    If you can't win, cash harder


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      Dunno how it works in US but i know a couple people from my country that sued online game company (travian) for banning them (multiaccount in both case, travian were unable to prove they were actually having multiaccount so they lost) and they all got money back because TOS are basically useless in court and even more so in wartune because you never actually agree to them (playin on kongregate, don't remember if i had to agree to TOS when i made this account) so yeah, hurray for my country