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Wartune Shop for Human

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  • Wartune Shop for Human

    It is apparent that the creators of Wartunes are making a profit, especially with so many gamers spending their hard earned cash in exchange for balens to get that extra boost to their skills and/or aesthetically enhance their character's appearance.

    Much like the die hard fans from StarTrek that attend their scifi conventions and dress up in those costumes,....Why not create an online shop that sells the Wartune jewelry and costumes for humans just like the ones used by the character classes in the game? Who do enough promotional marketing, and one day we all might see Wartunes in the movies, just like the StarTrek!

    Good Luck!

    ps. just remember who suggested it. LOL.

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    Some cloth is completely ridiculous. It would be really funny to see it in real life. Good idea for Facebook.
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