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    And again someone...

    You should really bring back the old exchange events with gems->whips->SC .
    All the new player and players that paused are totally demotivated if there is a stable event or CW coming.

    We have NO chance to get up a bit and noone will pay 20000€ to get to 200k BR. Those events was the best thing you ever did and you destroyed it. All the players that played in this times are very high Soul level and stables but the players that didnt play in that time are falling back more and more with every stable event and others. The new events really sucks as they are mostly for maxed soul or lvl 80. I really hope you will give us a chance to go with them.
    Otherwise you will loose many players soon...


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    Does noone has an opinion for this?


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      You are right, I already opened a topic on this:

      Btw doesn't really matter what we want, developers are in China, never read this forum, never know what the players think, so they make decisions on their own community's feedback. It's like when some alien from Alpha Centaury captures an earthing and tries to figure out what kind of food a human needs without being able to understand him.
      My blog about how to build the strongest character in Wartune using a minimum amount of balens:


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        Fherlayt, thanks for the answer, but you are not fully right.
        Sometimes the devs read this

        Look at this post:


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          Originally posted by Killersbaby View Post
          Fherlayt, thanks for the answer, but you are not fully right.
          Sometimes the devs read this

          Look at this post:
          probably employee of R2, still not a dev. which is 7roads i guess (not 100% sure). r2 only rents this game but thats off topic.

          many ppl suggested stuff like this, and though i wouldnt mind comming back, i think the game doesnt want us to be on max stables again for a while. maybe it comes back later maybe not.
          but in the mean we have not only sc, mtw and gem event (which give a high level back) we also got resis crystal shards (better rewards than back then cz of return of crystal), clothing events (which have better rewards than back then) sylph eq enchant, mount hoofs and i expect sylph eq refine soon as well.
          so we got new stuff to keep us busy and to get stronger. back in the good ol days these events, especially early on, were big influences to let ppl getting stronger because there were less stats to increase. now we have a lot more aspects in the game to get stronger.

          edit: 200k is easily reached now, even without (lots of) cash


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            R2 pls consider this so tired of waiting all events favors only 80s level