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More Evo Sylphs; any thoughts?

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    Originally posted by JrEVIL View Post
    not what i meant was talking about coin exchange, but np...will wait and see hopefully it comes in exchange, ive managed to get 6 coins and wondering whether to buy medusa or wait a while longer. Not entirely sure what medusa is great at since all i know about it is that its good at AOE and its a support sylph
    In years of playing , i figured out what gives you advantage in the game besides money , patience
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      Originally posted by Zerotoohero View Post
      In years of playing , i figured out what gives you advantage in the game besides money , patience
      mm yes thats one of my many weaknesses lol, "patience"...although its smthg i have to adhere to, being a non casher BUUUUT i will wait till last day of exchange F to see if there is another on oceanic...and if items are just "OK" i wont spend any coins on medusa (although i dont want to). Evo sylphs seem to come every 3 days anyway, so will keep waiting and hope for athena or aegis to drop lol,
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        Q-Athena/Aegis which is better?

        I know there fused version is great, that's only for Zebq, if he/she still exists
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