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My idea is for an Alliance Patch.

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  • My idea is for an Alliance Patch.

    i had an idea that might help game play if you all wish to use or improve upon it. An Alliance Patch.where Guilds on a server can issue peace between certain guilds or have so many allowed..
    which would entail Guild alliance points. ~when the 2 allied do runs together & or help their farms both guilds gain so many Alliance points.
    If guild mates plunder an alliance guild points are deducted( if alliance points reach 0~alliance is terminated then ).
    have the alliance points go towards either a special skill in Guild...or Guild Battle or by Making Guild Battle Chariot defense Stronger.
    Since everyone is growing and the average player can now knock out the chariot as if it is a fly...

    Also... would be nice to have a place in guild were we can have a billboard and or WAR room to put helpful tips and advice for guild mates.a place they can "signup" for tower duty Ward defense for GB. Right now to talk in Guild chat or leave messages on chat announcement or guild page is Extremely limited and flustering.. to have a WAR room where the G.M & assist.g.m's and officers can enter and restrict if for meetings would be sweet too.