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Sylph Skills

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  • Sylph Skills

    Aight, posted this a while ago in the bug reports thing, but whatever.

    Hi, got a few questions.

    The Athena skill Divine Prayer, says it does 200%+3564 electro damage. Is it a typo or? Hercules' skills deal electric damage, but Thunder Strike does electro damage, typo?

    There are some sylph skills that are not stated to do elemental damage. Impaling light (Athena), Shock chain (Hercules) etc.. Are these typos too or they are, indeed, doing non-elemental damage?

    Hades/Gaia have "Dark" elemental damage skills as well as "Shadow". Are they different, or typo too? lol

    I noticed something today, when using the Gaia skill "Devour soul" (which, in the description says doing shadow damage, not dark), there's no "Res reduction" damage thing that pops up.
    Question is, does that mean the skills that doesnt have "standard" elemental damage are not affected by the res reduce stat?
    Or am I just bugging? Or is it just for this particular skill?
    (I noticed that while doing gods descent, so, yeah, used that skill plenty of times)
    Or is it common knowledge that I wasn't aware of xD

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    every skill of a sylph has the element of the sylph, the rest is just a typo.
    therefore shadow = dark

    regarding the non elemental dmg, the highest elemental resist will be taken into account. if your highest resis is electro and you receive dmg from someone without element(pve wise) your electro resis will be taken into account