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  • Pludering other players...

    Hi ... we are glad that we have a game like this can give us a leissure and take out our stress.. But I would like to suggest to you R2 GAMES ,
    ...... please take it out the PLINDERINGS EVENT..
    ....its not good to us players ..... Wanna know why ? Some of the players here are doing their best or efforts to get a golds and kyanites by the events that you showcase....
    BUT players who are so much greedy in their own avatar ... they are not stopping us to plundering .. how can we make our character to be high if the other higher greedy player BR are so much plundering to us ...

    You are not given us a good work here to become good players .. you only teaching us how to be THIEF and ROBBER because of you plundering events... Like those BALENORS PLAYERS , they are not stopping us to be plundered ... everyday they plundered they plundering our castle.... they have no pity us... we also like our character to be HIGH BR LEVEL .. but how can we do that , if some players already plundered our golds in millions... do you think we can do make our efforts good.. no more.. because we already plundering by other players ...
    And do you know ... that those players who plundering us is became our number one enemies...

    .... why some other video games are not like this way in teaching us to be plunder.... they only teaching us how to be tradings and make a good friendly players ... please ...R2 GAMES.... TAKE IT OUT THE PLUNDERING EVENT THAT YOU SHOWCASE IN WARTUNE....

    Hope you understand what we are suggesting to you ... Thank you ...
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    It's a war game ,these things happen


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      I can give you the following advices:

      Spend your golds. When I started playing, for a very, very long time I always spent it, because I know I will get plundered.
      Teleport to abandoned places. Erandel is crowded and small, you are easy to find. Teleport to some forgotten corner of a previous zone. You get a bit less gold from mines but you save much more by not getting plundered. If you get plundered, teleport again.
      If you are strong enough, make friend of the few who still plunders you, and just ask them not to. Eventually, every player realizes that it is better to plunder rich inactive chars than active ones who spend their gold.
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        The other thing I do if I got city protection from being plundered. I would move my city to a different zone example like Era to do wilds once finished or before the protection wears off move your city back to a different map.

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          many ppl give advice how to solve plundering issue,like moving or spending gold.
          on my server i dont think many ppl still plunder at all, it has been forgotten.
          max gold which can be plundered is 800k, the limit is depending on the level of the defender i think (a lv 80 can be plundered for max 800k, lv 60 max 600k). if im right the calculation for plundering is 10% of persons gold.

          plundering shouldnt be removed, its an aspect of a strategy game, which wartune profiles like it. but unlike most strategy games plundering is limited to 5 times a day and person gets 2 hour protection. therefore plundering is such a small aspect i dont get the frustration of it.

          if ppl steal atleast 200k gold from you, they will come back. as long as they can get gold they wil plunder you. so move it or spend it


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            Honestly don't mind the aspect of plundering but one time someone almost took 1mil gold before I submitted it as guild contribution. Some people don't even plunder for gold just kyanite and if they do its part of the game. We get so much gold these days it doesn't really matter to me :P
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              move out

              move to the lower level maps saves gold


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                When low, I mainly do it for kyanite. I did it a couple of days ago then an event came that rewarded kyanite. Haven't been plundering since. Plundering isn't bad on the server I'm on but on the other server I was own it was horrible; mainly because my BR was low for my level.