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Mount Training Whips, Gems, Soul Crystal, and Divinity Shards

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  • Mount Training Whips, Gems, Soul Crystal, and Divinity Shards

    To all R2 Staff that control the Game Events and Hot Items in the Shop.

    I am asking if you could put in ways to obtain more Gems, Mount Training Whips, and Divinity Shards.

    1. For Gems possibly you could place 1 or 2 lvl 1-3 gem packs on some Mount Hoof events along with/or Mount Training events.

    2. For MTWs maybe you could attach 1-5 of them on a Gem event maybe bring lvl 3-5 back for gems and just stick some MTWs on there.

    3. For Soul Crystals could you please put a decent Exchange up there maybe for MTWS, Runestones, maybe even do something along the lines of 1,000 SC for 10 Divinity Shards or 20-50 Soul Seals.

    4. In regard to Divinity Shards you could maybe do something like the Crystal and Will Crystal Shards, do packs of Divinity Shards for maybe 300 Balens and players can obtain 30-100 Divinity Shards.

    These are just a few of the things I thought maybe you could do for some of the players that maybe do not have Thousands of Dollars to use on a game. Most of these items have been around for 8 months to 2 years.

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    What about shadow crystal exchange for all the following resources that you have listed?!/page112
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      Or maybe those blood shard things you get from BI. I don't have to buy buffs so they're completely useless to me.

      I do agree with OP about gems though, with the new (faster) event cycle I haven't had time to build up gems enough to even come close to a level 10.
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