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Bloody Devotion

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  • Bloody Devotion

    Add Bloody Inferno to the Devotion>>Task List for Devotion Points (example: 10Devotion Points) allowing players
    a way to earn an extra
    Lucky Draw Attempt.
    Last edited by Aaron_VS; 01-27-2015, 02:58 PM.

    Class: Knight
    Server: Kabam 76 - USWest

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    There's already 130 points possible if you do everything on the list. Up to 170 possible if you're a vip.

    If you're having trouble hitting your 100 daily devo for max draws, you're skipping way too many things that only require a moment to do.

    The devotion gains don't require you to complete the entire event. Altar of Attunement, for example, takes 2 hours to get the max benefit from the ALTAR, but only requires you to start it up to get the devotion. Enter the altar, start it, leave it and you have the devotion gain from it. Plundering another player doesn't require you to BEAT the player, just make the attempt. Most of the events are just like these 2, only requiring a token effort to obtain the devo points.

    There's plenty of things NOT on the daily devotion task list, such as Sky Trails. No reason to add BI to it either.