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Get Hercules or not

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    Generally, places like necro and spire you'll find hercules is the best, since you need as much dps as you can get. You also want to have max element res for spire, so that may change what sylph works best depending on your dimensions. Devour soul is so useful though, it can depend on how you find yourself failing. If you're running out of hp before the boss buffs up, then that extra heal will make all the difference. After the buff, a little extra healing won't get you as much.

    You're right about pvp though, electro resistance is really popular, it's primary or secondary for almost everyone. Dark res is really hard to get high enough to matter unless you're using hades/gaia, so I'd stick with that for pvp.


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      Just so you know I am a level 64 archer with a BR of about 200k depending on which sylph I am using, 190k with Hercules.


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        Hercules is better than Hades/Aegis for any PvE.
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          Which skills would you recommend getting for hercules? I know unstable voltage for sure. I have also been told to get rid of the static field passive skill and get all three passive skills.

          I was also thinking thunder strike and shock chain. I also would not mind getting rid of thundering strike but don't want to take the chance of losing the delphic.


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            it depends on cool downs if you waiting for skills to cool down you got to rely on the default attack. Shock chain I find useful does not do a lot of damage but reducing mdef by 30% helps since you could use it and then hit with delphic. My herc came from evolution so I had some skills taken up. I cannot remember what skills I use on it (cannot access wartune)

            Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.


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              Thunder strike and shock chain are good choices. If you could choose which to replace, I'd replace short circuit to get jupiter's wrath. Thundering strike is too useful with that 1s cd (and the speed to double), and short circuit doesn't do much more damage and the secondary effect just isn't that great.
              For the passives, static field vs. master of thunder, it's a coin flip to me. Neither one is all that great, but master of thunder is easier to make use of, I suppose. The other two are very well worth it though.